Architecture, Planning & Design

TOWNES + architects, P.A. is a highly integrated firm of multi-disciplinary, innovative and talented professionals. We approach each project as a team, focusing on the client’s requirements, to provide innovative and responsive designs. We offer architecture, planning and interior design services for a variety of commercial and institutional building types and are uniquely qualified for continuing contracts. Read more about how TOWNES + architects, P.A. can help you.

Our Staff of Experts

TOWNES + architects, P.A. is a unique design firm because we combine our expertise in planning and programming with architecture in one package. Our staff recognizes the unique characteristics of a project and using the latest trends and technologies in architecture we develop creative and innovative design solutions for our clients. Learn more about us.

Innovative & Creative Services

Innovative and creative designs for either new construction, renovation or expansion projects are the product of a comprehensive understanding of the client’s area of service, facilities, staff, and their short and long term goals for growth and expansion. We focus on developing and maintaining long term, repeat clientele for health care, educational, municipal and institutional projects and keep up to date with the evolving functional trends in each area.

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